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Abigail's Outback Kitchen Pickles Homestead Favourite Australian Made

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Homestead Favourite Nogo Pickles 270ml
Handmade at Nogo Station, Longreach by Abigail's Outback Kitchen

When the homestead kitchen garden produced an abundance of vegetables, pioneer women preserved them by creating pickles and chutney. This is a family favourite with meat or cheese.

Take home a 'taste of the outback' with food and home-goods that celebrate the traditional homestead and outback life. Abigail’s recipes are handed down from both her grandmothers and have been perfected in the Kinnon family kitchen, sometimes with a little reinvention, and always with a lot of love.

Ingredients: Carrots, tomatoes, capsicum, corn, cauliflower, sugar.vinegar, curry powder (turmeric, coriander, salt, fenugreek, black pepper, chilli powder, rice flour, allspice, celery), turmeric, mustard, salt