‘Wear and Donate' – Merino beanie and scarf luxury package

The ‘Giving is Living Package’ created by Richard Kinnon

You might think Richard Kinnon (Outback Pioneers’ founder, chief host and a grazier) would have had enough on his plate but he’s been busy working on a project close to his heart. It’s something that helps our Australian outback wool farmers and gives a unique gift to homeless people. Hear and view his story here

This is a special campaign and package that gives in three ways.

  • Firstly, it gives you a luxury Australian 100% merino beanie and scarf, which will be the best winter wear you’ve ever owned.
  • Secondly, it supports the outback Australian merino wool graziers who have done it really tough over recent years with drought, floods and fires.
  • Thirdly, it pays for a soft and protective 100% merino beanie for a homeless person. We hope it will make their day (and especially their nights) to have something that is fine quality and brand new.
Australian merino wool makes the ideal cold-weather wear for you and for a homeless person because it is:
  • Breathable, a good insulator and very efficient at regulating body temperature 

  • Non-prickly and non-allergenic 

  • Able to absorb one-third of its own weight in water and still keep you dry

  • Naturally resistant to bacteria and odour retention

  • Durable – lasts 15-20 years with regular use.

Your donated beanie will be added to our supply for homeless people. As soon as we have sufficient numbers, Richard Kinnon will deliver them himself to make sure they get to those who need them most. He will select an area where the need is great, which may be in Australia or overseas.

With this package you are buying:

  • Either a knitted or fabric beanie for yourself - choose which you prefer - both are 100% Australian merino from the outback 

  • A cosy merino scarf for yourself

  • A merino wool beanie for a homeless person.

The amount you pay is little more than cost-price for producing and manufacturing these luxury merino garments.

Please help us support the homeless and the Australian outback merino farmers, while treating yourself to the cosiest hat and scarf you’ll ever own.

Choose your knitted or fabric 100% merino beanie...