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Mustering Cattle Necktie

In Central Australia where the temperature regularly gets to 40 degrees celcius, the cattle were being moved to get water.

Created by award-winning photographer, helicopter pilot and fashion designer Robyn Hills, iconic photos are printed onto fabric and hand-tailored into 'wearable art'. Give a stylish gift that will be talked about - reminding them of you each time it's worn. These unique pieces are conversation starters.

Gift boxed for a lovely presentation, each comes with a story and a miniature photo that insipred the design.

Fabric is duchess satin chosen for its luxe feel and beautiful draping.


  • Dry cleaning is reccomended but can be carefully hand washed in warm water and a gentle soap
  • made by hand in Australia
  • Designed in Australia by Robyn Hills
  • Lench 153cm
  • Width 8cm